Accessing and Using the Licence Portal

This article provides guidance on accessing and using the Licencing portal for Licence administrators

The Turbo-Chart Licence portal is accessible from

To access the portal enter the email associated as owners of your Turbo-Chart subscriptions, shown below in (1)2024-03-13_09-42-01-png

An access code will be immediately sent to the associated email address (shown in (2)


Copy the code and enter into the form to complete accessing the portal, shown in (3) There is no password associated with accessing the portal and relies on being able to receive the access code.


Once logged into the portal, a list of all associated Turbo-Chart subscriptions will be displayed. The list presents all current subscriptions, shown in (4) and expired subscriptions, shown in (5). If any subscription is missing from this list, please contact us at to reviewthe subscription association.


Clicking on any subscription in the "Licence Number" list will then show the subscription details page


The details shown here are:

6. Subscription details including number, and (coming soon) links to subscriptions invoicing details

7. A summary of the usage for the subscription. This is relevant for Enterprise customers with licenses based on session usage. See also Session Usage article

8. A listing of the session usage for this subscription. The list may be downloaded by clicking on the "Download Usage CSV" button

9. The Subscription validity period, indicating when it started, to expiry

10. The current user/device registered for the subscription. This is the email of the registered user currently assigned to this subscription and the Device name that Turbo-Chart has been installed onto.

11. Previously registered user/devices for this subscription

12. The Reset User/Device button. Will be disabled for Enterprise Subscriptions. Use this button to reassign the current subscription to another named user, or to the same user on a new device. This has the same effect as the user clicking on "Revoke" from HELP>LICENCE within the Turbo-Chart application.

Note clicking on this button assigns the current user/device as a previous registration and clears the current user/device. The subscription cannot then be returned to a previous registered user/device

Turbo-Chart users can also reset the subscription from within Turbo-Chart from the HELP>LICENCE menu, see our "Revoke" button article.

13. Buttons to return to the Home screen, or to the previous page.

14. Button to logout from the portal.