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How to show show critical activities

Turbo-Chart can highlight critical activities. This article provides steps on how to achieve this

This example below uses Primavera P6 and imports data using the Paste Wizard. The process is similar for other scheduling tools and if the data is imported directly.

Every task in the Task listing (DATA>TASKS) has a on/off field for critical. From P6 the best way to achieve this is to include the “Critical” Column into the activity layout as shown below:


The critical column is calculated based on your  P6 schedule calculations settings, but when you copy this from P6, and paste into Turbo-Chart, you can map this column in the Paste Wizard:


Then for the chart, go to CHART>OPTIONS and in the Dataset Tab, there is an option to display critical tasks for any of the displayed datasets:


You can change the colour, thickness and transparency of the critical tasks from the “options” tab above also.